The EXIF data of an image is scanned upon loading, and if the shutter speed, aperture and ISO values are found, then these will be displayed after the filename, as shown below for the Image Files. The fourth number shown is the "bit depth"; in this case the images are Red-Green-Blue JPG's, which is 3 x 8 bits = 24 bits.  The date/time the photo was taken is shown in blue font, while the processing date is shown in brown font. If the photo parameters are unknown, then only the bit depth and processing date are shown.

Individual files can be selected (or "checked") by clicking on the file names. In the processing menus that follow, only the "checked" images are processed.


Starstack workflow

Two right-click menu's are available.

Right-clicking on the file type header brings up a menu that lists some options that can be applied to the files under that file-type (see left figure below).  Note that the "Remove Unchecked Images", only removes them from the software data base, and they will still exist in the Windows File Manager.

Right-clicking on the file name brings up a menu for options that can be applied to an individual file (see right side figure below). The "Remove & Delete" option at the bottom will delete the file on disk as well as remove it from the list.

Starstack workflow